You can save your marriage!!! There is hope!!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Where there is selfishness there is no happiness!!!

  1. Hello visitor. My name is Attila Mathe and I am a simple guy living in Ireland with my wife and two kids . I am married with my lovely wife since decades and I love her more than I did when we got married . Unfortunately these days what I see is people give up their marriage very easy and without fighting for it . It is very sad looking at statistics and seeing that around 40% of marriages end up in divorce . From this 40 % , 35 % in the first 20 years . It is really sad that after living with somebody for 20 years you end up in divorce and the biggest problem is that usually there are children in-between . They suffer the most in a divorce , even if they don`t show or don`t say ( if they are bigger ) You might think that ... oh they will be fine .... no they wont . They will bear marks all their life and let`s not forget the other statistic that says , 85 % of children suffered because a divorce in childhood , they will divorce themselves because that`s the example they saw. In our videos you can see about our example and with  decades of experience in marriage I will try to convince you to fight for your marriage . FIGHT FOR IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU`VE GOT !!!! FIGHT FOR IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN`S SAKE , EVEN IF YOU FEEL YOU`RE TIRED ,EVEN IF YOU THINK THERE IS NO WAY BACK !!!! I was in that kind of situation when I felt that I can`t support anymore. I can understand and imagine how you feel . I made these videos to help others if I can. I will tell our story and our struggles and our happy moments . I really hope I can convince you to stand up and fight. I can understand that you might feel a bit disappointing about marriage counselling or couple counselling but here what you find is different. It`s not the usual marriage counselling routine, we try to help you with practical advises for your every day problem. You can see examples from our marriage and how we figured it out? I really wish you give another chance to your marriage . Have a nice day and best of luck.If you would like to talk to someone please feel free to contact us. You can find the details in the contact section of the page.

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