Differences between man and woman. This is one of the biggest problem in your marriage.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Where there is selfishness there is no Happiness...

We at hopeofmarriage.com are determined to try to inspire you and others, in the same time we firmly believe that there is hope for your marriage. Just do not give up!!!!

How many times are we(man of the house) wondering why our spouse is grumpy? Why is she simply can not understand me? Some times even we ask the question .... What is she talking about??? Like she is from a different planet or so?

Well my friend let me tell you what I`v learned during my decades of struggling to understand my wife. You can see her sometimes acting like she is from another planet but she`s not . She is just different .

Once I heard from Dr Emerson Eggridge a very wise approach to this topic. He said "Not wrong just different" and he was absolutely wright. He said .... Can you imagine that a man and a woman can say the same sentence and mean completely different things?

The example she says: I DON`T HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! ( she actually means I don`t have anything new to wear)

And than he says: I DON`T HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! ( he actually means I don`t have anything clean to wear) Two people say the same sentence and mean completely different things. And that is only one example of the thousands.

She was created different, she is thinking with her heart, but we(man) think with our brain. It happened with us that we were arguing until late night about me being kind of cold and not showing my feelings towards her and at the end I told her "Just make me a list whatever you want me to do and I`ll do it. But don`t expect me to understand what you mean because I can`t" She said " That`s not the same if you just do it because I told you so, it has to come from your heart".....You see we (man) think realistically with our brain but she thinks with her heart. It took me many years to understand how she`s thinking but I tell you that any marriage counselling or couples counselling session would not be as valuable as this information. Once I understood what she`s expecting from me and I decided to make some compromises(because this is the second most important think in marriages "BE READY TO COMPROMISE") my problems were almost gone. But in the same time this is a two way street . What I mean is that she has to understand the same thing about you, and she has to be ready to make compromises as well. You can see a lot of examples in my YouTube videos about all the misunderstandings we had and also how we figured it out at the end. You can say that "we are not god for each other because we don`t like the same things. Well I can tell you that me and my wife we do not like actually anything the same. And still we are fine, we never thought about divorce because we were decided to fight for our marriage and do not give up. The reason I decided to share our experience with the world is that typical Marriage counselling and couples counselling are not practical enough in our opinion. We think that a practical tip is more important than any theory without the real life experience to back it up. If you have any question please feel free to contact us and I will try my best to answer as soon as possible to your request. In the mean time please feel free to comment on our videos or posts and follow us for new videos and blog posts.

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I wish I can inspire others with my personal experience and I do hope that some of you out there who have problems in your marriage will decide to fight for it and do not give up. I wish you all a blessed day and I`ll see you in the next one.

Attila and Julia .

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