Would you like to save your marriage???

Do you have any hope for your marriage???


We have a vision about a Marriage retreat center or else marriage camp which is a future project and we would like to finish it in the next 7-8 years Lord willing....

   Let me share with you a little bit about our vision regarding this marriage retreat/camp. We do believe that there is a tremendous need for a camp like this because these days unfortunately we see more and more families thorn apart and children suffer because of divorce. Parents think that they will be fine and they will forget but unfortunately they are the ones that suffer the most if we talk about a divorce in your family. Did you know that according to the statistics 80% of the children who experienced divorce in their families will actually divorce them-self as well. Because that`s the example they learned from their parents. Would you like to set a positive example for your children??? Or would you like to lead them towards insecurity and commitment issues??? Because even if you do not realize now, your decision regarding your marriage problems will greatly affect their future decisions. They will think that the easier way to resolve a marriage problem is to leave it behind rather than fight for it. Do you really want to set an example like this??? I don`t want that anyway. 

   So we decided to do everything we can to help others so they can make a positive decision and fight for their family and for their marriage. We own a peace of land in a very peaceful and beautiful area of Romania ( in Transylvania) near a lake, surrounded by beautiful forests. That`s where we dream to build a marriage retreat center or marriage camp ( whatever you want to call it) where married couples can come and spend a few weeks together with us day by day learning together about marriage and about knowing, loving, respecting each other .


   In these few weeks we would like to organize for them different outdoor activities, including visiting the surrounding touristic places, but most importantly we would like to organize marriage conferences and day to day (1-0-1 and group) discussions and debates about every day problems and issues in our marriages. We firmly believe that giving some practical tips/advises and passing over decades of experience in marriage is more important than any marriage counseling or couples therapy. Getting to know each other really well and to open up for each other is one of the most important aspect in marriage problems. Most of the time the lack of communication and not really knowing our spouse is more than enough to destroy the marriage.

   Because we are Bible believing Christians we do believe that Getting closer to God and to his son Jesus Christ will actually solve most of the problems in your marriage. Maybe you will ask why do I say that? I wrote a blog post not too long ago where I do explain why it is easier for a Christian to deal with marriage problems. ( if you would like to read that post please click on this link ...https://www.hopeofmarriage.com/post/why-a-christian-marriage-has-to-be-different-from-others ) We do believe that getting closer to Jesus will get you closer to your spouse as well.  Our plan is to organize these camps in three languages. English,Hungarian and Romanian. We really hope that this vision will help many couples to fix their marriage or even to refresh your marriage. 

 We wish you a blessed day .

    Attila and Julia   

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IBAN: LT54 3250 0493 90606440