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    Our goal with these blog posts is to inspire anyone with marriage problems to work on their marriage and do not give up. You can see some examples from our life, how we dealt with those problems and even in the present what kind of attitude we have when we get into an argument. There is no perfect marriage and you will face problems and arguments sooner or later. The question is not if you will have it, but how will you deal with it? Will you be selfish and do not think about your spouse or you will try to understand your wife/husband? Even if you go to marriage counseling or couples therapy if you will act selfishly it will not work.  

    Please feel free to look around between these posts and hopefully you will find inspiration to make a decision  realizing that fighting for your marriage is the best you can do. 

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Our Goal ...

                           How to save my marriage???
          Or else why should I fight for my marriage???
       Every person wants a happy and fulfilled marriage. Every man and woman dreams                 about a happy family with happy children and great relationship with the spouse.
   But unfortunately these dreams will slowly slowly disappear after the first 5-6 years of marriage. And than you ask yourself the big question. " How to save my marriage???"  or maybe is there any reason why should I save my marriage???  In any case you have to keep in mind that there is hope for your marriage.
    Even if the big dream and the great love slowly vanished away with all the fights and disagreements , you have to know that the best scenario for you and your children is to fight for your family. You have to decide that you will work hard and do not give up, because not only your life and your spouse`s life is at stake but most importantly your children`s future and their married life. It is you and your spouse who will determine what kind of married life your children will have. There are many statistics about this topic and many times these statistics can be different, but there is one sad fact they all agree on. That there is a 80% (or higher) chance that your children will divorce them self if they experienced divorce in the family.
So what kind of legacy you want to leave behind?  Would you like to see your children being happy and fulfilled in their marriage??? I think you do. So you have to realise that by saving your marriage and by having a great relationship with your spouse you actually will give hope to your children that they will have a good marriage when they grow up . It is not easy and sometimes you have to sacrifice your will and your pride but in the long run it does worth.  So if you still ask yourself how to save your marriage, well that you are at the right place for encouragement and hopefully inspiration . Because that is our goal with this website, to inspire others to fight for their marriage and fight for their family.  That is your duty in front of your Creator the almighty God and even if you do jot believe that, it is true and you will be held responsible for your decisions and the consequences of your decisions. Because there will be consequences for every decision you make. Good or bad but there will be. So please feel free and browse around our site and if you have any question please contact us by email or simply click on the "Let`s chat " icon on the bottom of the screen. I wish you a great day and I really hope that you can save your marriage.
Affectionate Newlywed
Save my marriage.jfif

  In marriage counseling or couples therapy it is very important that the person who wants help to open up and be honest with the counselor or therapist. It is the same important like the fact that if one person from a couple does not want to work on his/her marriage it will not work. I am not a counselor or therapist but I do have multiple decades of experience in marriage and we did have difficult times in the past a lot,so when I was desperately trying to get help I started to realize that talking to a complete stranger, even if it is a marriage counselor or couples therapist it is not actually easy. If we take an example from our life, it was much easier for me to read online articles or even books (although I don`t really like reading books especially if it is a marriage counseling book) than even imagine myself going to couples therapy or marriage counseling. I think that every man`s nightmare is the marriage counseling session. If you want to scare the living soul out of your husband,just tell him you want to go to marriage counseling. He will sweat I can guarantee that.

But in the same time if he has to read an online article or a blog post, that will be much more easier for him and definitely there are ladies as well who will find more relaxing and easier if they can remain anonymous.

    That is the reason I decided to build this website. I thought that if someone does find difficult to talk to a marriage counselor, he/she can easily read these posts and even contact us without giving a name or details about them self. We will try to help anybody as much as we can and if we can not than definitely we can point to someone who will be more qualified in marriage counseling. But in my experience the most important aspect of marriage counseling is the fact that you realize and decide to actually change something in your life and be ready to work on your marriage. A relationship or marriage is like your own body. You have to cherish it take care of it invest in it time and effort in order to function optimally for a longer period of time. If you don`t, well sooner or later you start having different kind of problems or sickness, and if you do not treat it accordingly most likely you will die. It is exactly the same with your marriage as well. Do you really want not to invest anything in your marriage/relationship and still expect it to function perfect after an extended period of time??? Well my friend that would be a very small chance I can tell you that. In my opinion it is not that difficult to invest a little time and effort in your relationship or marriage and you will see that with time it worth`s every effort. 

   So please try to read these blog posts, hopefully you will get inspired by our stories and mistakes and you will decide to fight for your marriage for your children`s sake for their happiness. You can find different topics and categories in the blog section of our website, and you can select the topic you are the most interested in. I really hope that these post will help someone to make their marriages better and get over problems and misunderstandings, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have an idea or you would like to hear about a specific topic in marriage. 

  All the best and do not forget .....

   Where there is selfishness there is no happiness!!!!